Elizabeth Tacke quoted in Chronicle article on career diversity*

Fifth-year JPEE student Elizabeth Tacke was quoted in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education which explores the concept of career diversity training for graduate students.

In the article, Tacke discusses her experience as a student in a new U-M career diversity seminar for graduate students called “Professional Humanities Careers.” The course is taught by two professors who facilitate conversations on the current state of the humanities while also leading pragmatic discussions about employment. Assignments include preparing sample job packets, profiling nonprofit organizations, and conducting interviews with PhD holders who are not teaching at colleges and universities.

Tacke praises “the great hands-on assignments” in this class and found that her coursework was “immediately applicable to navigating the nonacademic job market.” The class changed her professional perspective as well, and she says that it helped her to see that the academic and nonacademic worlds are connected in “real, concrete ways.”