Our joint partnership between the Department of English and the School of Education means that students can take advantage of a broad range of faculty strengths and interests, from rhetorical theory and history to new media work to disability studies to composition pedagogy.

A particular strength of our program is the opportunity for students to gain expertise in conducting quantitative and qualitative research on writing in colleges and the schools. Our faculty are committed to working with you to craft an individualized program appropriate to your interests and needs. Feel free to contact any of us to discuss the program.

Image of Chandra L. Alston

Chandra L. Alston

Education Faculty


Writing studies, adolescent literacy, urban education…Read more

Image of Laura  Aull

Laura Aull

English Faculty

Coming Winter 2020.

Composition, applied linguistics, corpus linguistics, writing assessment, writing analytics, genre analysis…

Image of Anne Curzan

Anne Curzan

Education and English Faculty


History of English, language and gender, corpus linguistics, lexicography, pedagogy…Read more

Image of Barry J. Fishman

Barry J. Fishman

Education Faculty


Technology, video games as models for learning, teacher learning, design-based implementation research…Read more

Image of Anne R. Gere

Anne R. Gere

Program Chair | Education and English Faculty


Composition theory, gender and literacy, writing assessment, pedagogy…Read more

Image of David Gold

David Gold

English Faculty


History of rhetoric, women’s rhetorics, composition pedagogy…Read more

Image of Scott Richard Lyons

Scott Richard Lyons

English Faculty


Native American and global indigenous studies, critical theory, rhetoric…Read more

Image of Elizabeth Birr Moje

Elizabeth Birr Moje

Education Faculty


Adolescent and disciplinary literacy, literacy and cultural theory, research methods…Read more

Image of Alisse Portnoy

Alisse Portnoy

English Faculty


Rhetoric and composition; rhetorical activism and civil rights movements…Read more

Image of Mary J. Schleppegrell

Mary J. Schleppegrell

Education Faculty


Functional linguistics, second language learning, discourse analysis, language development…Read more

Image of Megan Sweeney

Megan Sweeney

English Faculty


African American literature and culture; ethnography; pedagogy; critical prison studies…Read more

Image of Thomas Toon

Thomas Toon

English Faculty


Language variation and socio-historical linguistics (especially the influences of literacy on processes of language change); Read more…

Image of Melanie Yergeau

Melanie Yergeau

English Faculty


Composition and rhetoric; digital media studies; disability studies; autistic culture…Read more