Our students are the heart and soul of our program and our greatest strength. Dedicated scholars and teachers and good departmental citizens, our students stand out for the professional support they offer each other. One of the highlights of our program is our weekly Chalk and Cheese lunch, an informal professional development seminar run by the third-year cohort for the benefit of the first- and second-year students.

Our students also work together on dissertation writing groups, and many are closely involved in campus and community groups. Explore the exciting work our students are doing or, to learn more about life in the program, contact our program ambassadors.

Image of Anna Almore

Anna Almore


Anna’s research interests are exploring the pedagogies required for teachers and students to heal from oppression. Read more…

Image of Ashley  Bradley

Ashley Bradley


Ashley’s research focuses on the [mis]representation of people of color in the K-12 English classroom and the implications for students and American society. Read more…

Image of monét cooper

monét cooper


monét’s focus is the strategies African-American and Latinx girls develop and use in order to navigate their academic environment and the impact of teacher intra-racial bias on relationships with students and families. Read more…


Image of Jathan Day

Jathan Day


Jathan’s current research interests include course management systems, digital literacies, online pedagogy, disability studies, and reading practices. His dissertation examines how writing instructors’ pedagogies and design decisions in Canvas affect the way in which students engage with it through their writing and learning. Read more…

For Jathan’s personal website, click here.

Image of Carlina Duan

Carlina Duan


Carlina is looking forward to exploring creative writing pedagogies, sociolinguistics, and applied linguistics. Read more…

Image of Megan Garver

Megan Garver


Megan’s background in the sciences and healthcare communication inspired her to join Michigan’s interdisciplinary E&E program and pursue research in writing in the sciences, scientific and medical rhetoric, and examining how to better support women in the sciences. Read more…

Image of Jason Godfrey

Jason Godfrey


Jason’s research focuses on how modality (re)forms both student and instructor literacies in college composition classrooms. Read more…


Image of Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman


Michael is looking forward to spending his time in the E&E program thinking about how peer response can help students not only with their writing skills, but also with social and emotional learning. Read more…


Image of Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes


Sarah’s research centers on narrative discourse: how the stories we tell reveal insight into ideology and how stories can activate audiences toward social action. Read more…


Image of Christopher Kingsland

Christopher Kingsland


Christopher is interested in composition and writing studies, particularly, improving writing instruction and student writing outcomes in secondary classrooms through examination of writing identities and related instructional practices. Read more…

Image of Rusi (Ruth) Li

Rusi (Ruth) Li


Ruth Li’s interests include writing development, composition pedagogy, and digital literacies; her current project examines linguistic and metacognitive approaches to studying college students’ writing. Read more…

Image of Naitnaphit  Limlamai

Naitnaphit Limlamai


Naitnaphit Limlamai studies how secondary English preservice teachers are trained and how they take up that training. She is specifically curious about teachers’ curricular and instructional choices, how teachers are trained to make them, and how they are made. Read more…

For her personal website.

Image of Ryan McCarty

Ryan McCarty


Ryan McCarty’s research focuses on the ways that translation impacts much of the learning that students do, from its effects on multilingual students, to its role in developing disciplinary knowledges and identities. Read more…

Checkout Ryan’s personal website or follow him on Twitter @RyanCMcCarty1.


Image of Andrew Moos

Andrew Moos


Andrew is interested in exploring the social nature of responding to student writing. Read more…

Image of Cassandra (Casey) Otemuyiwa

Cassandra (Casey) Otemuyiwa


Casey is interested in teacher education and the linguistics of writing development in secondary English language arts and college composition classes. She has taught in the English Department Writing Program and in the School of Education’s teacher education program. Read more…


Image of Adrienne Raw

Adrienne Raw


Adrienne’s research interests in fan studies and digital cultures are founded in a lifelong interest and involvement in fandom and fan culture. She is also interested in multimodal composition, digital humanities, and the training of composition instructors for higher education. You can reach her on Twitter @AdrienneRaw and on her website at adrienneraw.com. Read more…

Image of Kendon  Smith

Kendon Smith


Kendon studies how notions of standard language are taken up in composition classrooms. His current research examines how textbooks discuss standard language and how these texts affect classroom interaction. Read more…

Kendon’s personal website can be found here.

Image of Michelle Sprouse

Michelle Sprouse


Michelle Sprouse is a fourth-year student in JPEE. Her current research focuses on social annotation as a tool for improving reading in first-year composition. Read more…

Image of Elizabeth Tacke

Elizabeth Tacke


Elizabeth Tacke’s research is situated within life writing, disability studies, and rhetoric, and her dissertation project explores how women negotiate disclosures of disability and trauma. Read more…

Image of Kathryn (Katie) Van Zanen

Kathryn (Katie) Van Zanen


Katie’s research interest include writing as social action, education for civic values, and histories of writing instruction. She teaches first-year writing in the university’s English Department Writing Program. Follow Katie on Twitter@kvanzanen
Read more…

Image of Kristin vanEyk

Kristin vanEyk


Kristin’s research with multidialectal and multilingual students collects and analyses how students talk about the roles their languages play in the writing classroom, and interrogates how notions of standardization affect these students’ composition experiences. Read more…

Image of Kelly Wheeler

Kelly Wheeler


Kelly’s research interests include composition and rhetoric with an emphasis in multimodality, new materialism, and visual rhetoric. Read more…

Image of Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite

Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite


Adelay investigates how educators facilitate critical discussions of sociocultural issues. Read more…

Image of Crystal Zanders

Crystal Zanders


Crystal is interested in literacy studies and race-related rhetorical analysis. Read more…