Our students are the heart and soul of our program and our greatest strength. Dedicated scholars and teachers and good departmental citizens, our students stand out for the professional support they offer each other. One of the highlights of our program is our weekly Chalk and Cheese lunch, an informal professional development seminar run by the third-year cohort for the benefit of the first- and second-year students.

Our students also work together on dissertation writing groups, and many are closely involved in campus and community groups. Explore the exciting work our students are doing or, to learn more about life in the program, contact our program ambassadors.

Image of Ann Carroll Burke

Ann Carroll Burke


After graduating from Aquinas College and then teaching middle school English, Ann Burke earned her M.A. in English, with a concentration in rhetoric and composition, at Ball State University. Ann is currently a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education at University of Michigan…Read more

Image of Megan Carlson

Megan Carlson


Megan’s background in the sciences and healthcare communication inspired her to join Michigan’s interdisciplinary E&E program and pursue research in writing in the sciences, scientific and medical rhetoric, and examining how to better support women in the sciences.

Image of Candace Chambers

Candace Chambers


Candace seeks to explore how extra-curricular means of writing education can assist under-prepared students in minority communities.


Image of Jathan Day

Jathan Day


Jathan Day is a first-year JPEE student hailing from Anchorage, Alaska. He received a BA in English Literature and Languages (Japanese) and an MA in English from the University of Alaska Anchorage. …Read more

Image of Merideth Garcia

Merideth Garcia


Merideth Garcia’s research interests include the integration of multimodal and multimedia composition in high school curriculum and extracurricular participation and remix practices in online fan communities. Merideth is a field instructor in the School of Education for the Undergraduate…Read more

Image of James Watson Hammond

James Watson Hammond


James Hammond’s research centers on the social and intellectual histories of writing assessment, and on educational measurement history and theory; his interests and influences include critical theory, education reform rhetoric, critical race theory, critical historiography…Read more

Image of Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman


Michael is looking forward to spending his time in  the E&E program thinking about how peer response can help students not only with their writing  skills, but also with social and emotional learning.


Image of Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes


Sarah Hughes is committed to supporting students’ linguistic and discursive identity development, and her research interests include composition/rhetoric, pedagogy, and sociolinguistics.


Image of Elizabeth Hutton

Elizabeth Hutton


Lizzie Hutton’s work focuses on the way reading is conceptualized in and for the college writing classroom, especially as relates to the reading of literature. She is interested in the reading-writing connection, the various ways that different reading approaches are tied to critical thinking…Read more

Image of Benjamin Justin Keating

Benjamin Justin Keating


Ben Keating’s research interests include antiracist pedagogy, critical race and whiteness theory, discourse analysis, and collaborative learning in the college writing classroom. Originally from Boston, MA, he holds a BA in English from Kenyon College and an MFA in creative writing (poetry) from UC Irvine…Read more

Image of Anna Victoria Knutson

Anna Victoria Knutson


Anna Knutson is in her fourth year as a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education, and her third year as a Graduate Student Research Assistant for the Sweetland Center for Writing. She was born and raised in Seattle, WA, where she studied English and Women Studies and worked…Read more

Image of Rusi (Ruth) Li

Rusi (Ruth) Li


Ruth’s research interests include composition pedagogy and digital literacy.


Image of Naitnaphit  Limlamai

Naitnaphit Limlamai


Naitnaphit Limlamai is a doctoral student in JPEE. As a result of 13 years of teaching high school English in public and private schools in Florida, Georgia, and New York, her research interests include a focus on curriculum and instruction, specifically social justice education for the urban and suburban elite and helping to ensure students from all income brackets receive a high quality education…Read more

Image of Ryan McCarty

Ryan McCarty


Ryan McCarty’s research focuses on the ways that translation impacts much of the learning that students do, from its effects on multilingual students, to its role in developing disciplinary knowledges and identities… Read more

Image of Cassandra Otemuyiwa

Cassandra Otemuyiwa


Casey is interested in teacher development, issues in ESL education, and identity development of students of multiracial and multicultural backgrounds…Read more


Image of Molly Parsons

Molly Parsons


Molly Parsonsis a doctoral candidate in JPEE. Originally from Minnesota, she earned her BA in English from Carleton College, where she also worked as a writing center consultant for three years. After that, she trained with Teach for America and taught middle and high school English in Las Vegas while earning her M.Ed, …Read more

Image of Adrienne Raw

Adrienne Raw


Adrienne’s research interests in fan and media studies are founded in a lifelong interest and involvement in fandom and fan culture. She is also interested in corpus linguistics, adaptation theory, and the pedagogical theories and practices of teacher training…Read more

Placeholder image of Kendon  Smith

Kendon Smith


Kendon Smith’s research interests are focused on exploring the English classroom’s potential to perpetuate myths about language and what can be done to minimize that potential.


Image of Michelle Sprouse

Michelle Sprouse


Michelle Sprouse is a doctoral student in the Joint Program in English and Education. Originally from Ohio, she holds her BA in English Literature from Miami University and MAT in Secondary Education from Western New Mexico University…Read more

Image of Elizabeth Tacke

Elizabeth Tacke


Elizabeth Tacke’s experience teaching 7th and 8th grade English in Oakland, CA helped to solidify her interests in studying questions of identity and writing….Read more

Image of Bonnie Marie Tucker

Bonnie Marie Tucker


Bonnie Tucker previously taught College Composition and ESL and worked in communications at a two-year college in downtown Chicago. Her research examines the ways that the for-profit university model transforms teaching and learning in the first-year writing classroom. Additionally…Read more

Image of Kristin vanEyk

Kristin vanEyk


Kristin vanEyk is interested in rhetoric and composition and corpus linguistics, especially in the ways that secondary educators use language in the writing classroom.

Image of Kelly Wheeler

Kelly Wheeler


Kelly’s research interests include composition and rhetoric with an emphasis in multimodality, new materialism, and visual rhetoric.

Image of Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson


Emily Wilson spent 11 years as a high school English teacher at schools in Florida, Colorado, and California, and she completed her master’s degree at Colorado State University…Read more

Image of Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite

Elizabeth (Adelay) Witherite


Adelay looks forward to exploring further the critical pedagogical approaches through which instructor’s address issues of inclusion, diversity, and social justice.